More than 50,000 Quebec students on strike

Interview with Laurie Bissonnette and Jackie Ohayon of the Campaign on Student Work (CUTE), on the recent strike to demand an end to unpaid student internships

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This is a No Borders Media audio dispatch. Last week in Quebec, upwards of 58,000 students were on strike, the largest strike action in years.

This  strike is different since it's student interns, mainly from technical  and professional programs, that are the engine of the strike. These  interns are demanding an end to unpaid work, and proper compensation for  their internships. The jobs done by these interns -- in teaching,  social work, nursing, midwifery, and other professions -- represent jobs  gendered as work done by women. This week's strike is a feminist  effort, inspired by the Wages for Housework campaigns of the 1970s as  much as recent efforts to resist neo-liberal capitalism.

For perspective on the strike, particularly for English-speaking listeners, No Borders Media spoke with two student organizers, interns and strikers involved with  autonomous committees of the Campaign on student work, known as the Campagne sur le travail étudiant (CUTE). On the eve of the strike, we  speak with Laurie Bissonnette and Jackie Ohayon, social work students  and interns who will be on strike this week.

This interview was recorded on November 18, 2018.

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